Quality Management

Quality is the key to the future

Our quality management system is a living part of our company.

Our quality management system is a living part of our company and goes much further than the sometimes highly bureaucratic standards require. It goes without saying that we have based our quality management system on these standards and have developed a system which fulfills the requirements of our customers and the community, as well as our needs.

Functioning processes play an essential role in ensuring quality and impressing customers with our services.

For this reason, processes are a major focus point in the management system at Belden. Assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of processes are not just buzzwords for us.

Our quality management system is certified for years.

The Hirschmann management system has been certified since 1994, for Lumberg Automation since 1993, and the business processes have been documented and secured since this date. An effective reporting system enables a continuous and efficient improvement of the processes and products.

  • EMEA quality certificatesClick here to view European quality certificates for Belden, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation brands.
  • International quality certificatesBelden has plants throughout the world that meet the unique quality requirements of that particular area of the world. Click here to see our international quality certificates.

Railway Certification

The IRIS certification label proves that Belden's Hirschmann™ brand meets the railway industry's extremely rigorous demands on quality. It confirms that the network specialist is an approved partner for highly available data communication solutions on trains and along railroad tracks.